Airbrush Tattoos


Air brush tattoos by Ginger are done with makeup “ink” that lasts for 5 to 7 days.  To remove it sooner, you must use rubbing alcohol or baby oil.  The type of airbrush makeup is not done on the face or near eyes.  It’s for arms, legs, hands, shoulders, torso, etc.  It is not the same as face painting.  The tools and cosmetics used are very different.

Airbrush Tattoos

You can get basic simple designs such as a heart, snake, dragon, tiger or yin yang symbol.  We bring a large colorful banner with the basic tattoo choices so people can easily see the options and make a choice prior to their turn.  Ginger can get through about 20-30 basic tattoos per hour.

Airbrush Tattoos
Airbrush Tattoos

Alternatively you can choose to allow your guests to have realistic tattoo options.  These are done with stencils that are more detailed and complex.  The options for these Advanced Airbrush Tattoos are on cards, not on a banner.  People may take longer to pick out what to get and the tattoos take longer to complete.  But the results are stunning, realistic looking large tattoos for arms, shoulders, hands, etc.  The time it takes to complete Advanced Airbrush Tattoos depends on how much are is being covered and what the designs have been chosen by the patron.

Airbrush Tattoos

If you are interested in the Advanced Airbrush Tattoos you need to speak with Josh or Ginger directly and be sure you request the Advanced option.  Unless the client has specified far in advance, we will always bring basic tattoo choices only.

Airbrush Tattoos


We specialize in entertainment that keeps the line moving and patrons impressed.

 Would your business benefit if you had a crowd and a reason for your customers to stick around and shop, eat, or play?  You need Airbrush Tattoos!

Tattoos are not just for kids!  Adults love them too!  They love to laugh together and watch the artist at work.  It’s a great ice breaker to get the party started for co-workers or friends who just haven’t met yet!  Make your party memorable and unique for the “big kids” and have airbrush tattoos as a featured activity.

It is not just fun to get a tattoo; it is terrific entertainment to watch these fabulous artists work.  Kids and adults are fascinated to watch them create even their beautiful designs!

 No event is too large or too small!  We can supply up to several artists for one event.  Be sure to book early!  We book up 2 – 4 weeks in advance.  Saturdays fill up first. 

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