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About Ginger


GINGER is a face painter, artist and multi-media professional whose work celebrates the humor of life. She grew up in a town with three stop-lights and a 7-Eleven in rural Colorado.

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A small town was a great place for a budding artist’s imagination to grow. Employed as the town radio station’s youngest board operator and announcer by age 16, she was voted most likely to succeed of her high school class.

After graduation from Webster University in St. Louis (including a semester in London), Ginger entered the corporate world of video production and equipment sales.

She’s always kept a hand in the art of filmmaking. She has participated in numerous independent film projects including the 48 Hour Film Festival, and worked on many freelance pieces, including memento videos for families.

Ginger Face Painting at Events

In 2002, Ginger moved to San Francisco and studied Face Painting under Peggy Ford, who was then the Program Director of Circus Center, and an accomplished Face Painter. Peggy was one of the first female clowns ever to graduate Ringling Bros. Clown College. She toured with Ringling Bros. as one of the first female members of its famed clown alley, then went on to become the Artistic Director of the social circus company Make*A*Circus.

Peggy Ford Clown College

Later, as Program Director of the Circus Center, Peggy helped to establish and run San Francisco's famed Clown Conservatory, one of the nation's most respected training grounds for clowns. Peggy Ford was an amazing teacher of Face Painting and gave Ginger her first pair of white, paint splattered painter’s overalls. This outfit became Ginger’s signature look as a Face Painter. It was a passing of the torch, so to speak.

Face Painting By Ginger Routh

Ginger went on to study Face Painting at Wild Style Design Company in Illinois, and at the famed Clown Jam in Branson, MO where she took classes with Marcela “Mama Clown” Murad.

She has participated in many other classes, workshops and conventions and is constantly learning new techniques in face and body painting. Ginger’s face painting style is quick and colorful. She makes children feel at ease and cared for, with a reserved and friendly approach that melts away shyness in young people. The person in her chair at any moment gets full focus and attention.

Ginger Routh Painting Faces

Ginger makes an effort to create any type of face being requested by the patron. She brings her own unique artistic style to face painting and doesn’t do copies or standards that have already been used a million times.

Ginger Routh Airbrush Tattoos

She primarily shows her own work as painting options, as opposed to showing work done by others. Her paintings are remarkable and sometimes uncommon, and she always gets to as many people as possible when there’s a line.

Ginger Routh Artist

For the past decade she has worked with her husband and partner, Josh Routh, building an entertainment booking agency with a focus on variety arts – Circus Kaput.

Josh and Ginger Routh Circus Kaput

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